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 Quality oversight of a project can save the customer time and money in the long term. Having years of experience both building large scale infrastructure and operating the finished product we can help bridge the gap to make the best result possible. 

Security and Monitoring

Whether a single home, school, warehouse, or entire community our camera systems can secure the assets you vaule most. Using our Ubiquiti network we are able to send camera signals miles apart back to a central video recorder. Combine that with a remote app that can be used on a smartphone, we have created a unique and extremely reliable security system. 

Consulting services

Controlling equipment is the most crucial component of operating a utility plant. At TCI, we are familiar with the most popular brands of SCADA and PLC software. Whether it is a single well-house or an entire plant we can find a solution for any project. 

Networking and Communication

Having a strong network and communication stream allows the transfer of data from point to point. Through innovative technology and application we have successfully set up some of the most efficient and cost effective systems for utility plants and city services. Connecting equipment miles apart through Ubiquiti AirFiber and traditional radios. 

Assessments and Advising

 With aging infrastructure like water, power, and wastewater plants it is important to know the usefulness and  longevity of each piece of equipment. Our assessment of the facility can provide you with an accurate view of the needs to update or remodel, or simply advise in running the plant to the best of its capabilities.  

IT Consulting

Many communities in rural america can not afford a full time IT department, or may be too busy to handle a large scale project like community WIFI. This is where TCI can help, from simple computer repair and replacement, to a new phone system, or mesh WIFI we have you covered.